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We have had several jobs running at the same time this past Monday which Herman Goldner is performing and I wanted to express to you how happy I am with the scheduling and workmanship of your personnel.

I don’t know all the names, but I am sure you can find out. Your plumbing group installed several valves and check valves related to our hot water in Building “B” requiring a building shutdown that went very smooth, a nice clean, professional job all the way around.

The second job was changing out an ice storage tank in a tight location, with a crane, and local traffic diversion, etc. with Eddie Graham, George, and several others. It also went very well, and of course Jim Childs was on the job taking ownership and following up on all the details.

I am sure on occasion you may get a complaint from a customer, that’s not what this is.

It’s a heads up for job well done by a great group of HERMAN GOLDNER staff. THANKS!

I am writing to you to commend the crew of operators. On January 12th, 2020, 4 members of your organization arrived at the 39th Police District Headquarters to remove and replace the Heater/AC units in the various offices. As this is the busiest district in the division, if not the Regional Command, you can imagine the logistics of Policing, let alone having contractors in the building. I met with crew on day one to work through the details. Chris Gazzara, Bill Sharman, Nick DiTullio, and Zach Grasela were the epitome of professionalism! They are extremely polite, mindful of our mission and their surroundings, and conscious of their work and how it will affect us in our respective jobs here in the building. I have rehabbed my share of homes and job sites in my younger years. I turned many a wrench and hauled my share of shingles, sheeting, cement, and studs. So I understand the demands of the work facing these guys. I have to tell you I have NEVER seen a higher degree of professional conduct or work ethic as I have seen in these guys the past 2 months. They are meticulous in their work. Every aspect of what they do and have done here is beyond reproach. Shear excellence. Their level of communication and respect for our workspaces is unsurpassed. They are extremely conscious of their work and leave no dirt or debris behind after each install. And believe me, this building is a mess to work in. These guys are a true asset to your organization and should be recognized accordingly.

On behalf of CBRE Property Management, congratulations to Andrew Cipollono and the entire Herman Goldner Co., Inc. and Erickson team for their flawless and safe execution of the cooling tower replacement at 2000 Market Street in Philadelphia. Thanks also to the Philadelphia Police Department for securing a massive area of Center City to insure no one was in harm’s way.

I am tardy in writing this you, but feel it is purposeful. I want to commend the Goldner service team with a recent project at Virtua Memorial Hospital. I was in a jam to repair a rooftop hood fan motor for our Cancer Treatment Center. I had ordered an OEM motor from Grainger and was waiting for the part to arrive for approximately 5 days. Meanwhile, the staff on the unit were getting upset because the contingency plan was to have the hospital pharmacy prepare the medication. I reached out to Jim Tole on a Thursday afternoon and explained the situation. He asked me to send as much information as possible to formulate a plan. He was able to get a replacement fan from a supplier and 2 mechanics the following day to complete. Jim takes on the challenge and gets results while maintaining a positive attitude. He shows compassion, commitment, and empathy in his encounters with the client. Needless to say, that was a positive outcome for me who had a deadline for that Friday. I wanted to convey a heartfelt thanks to Jim Tole and the service technicians, Jim Henskens and Mike Taylor for working hard to complete the work timely and satisfactory for us here at Memorial.

VPP stands for management commitment, employee participation, amongst other mantras. Your Company, and you three particularly (Bob Howard, Steve Dunn, and Joe Conneen), exhibit these behaviors in action not just words! We greatly appreciate your dedication and continued support in maintaining this prestigious status!

I would like to thank you for all of the time and work you put into the chiller repairs across the site, especially the units in CUP-1. When I worked at St. Agnes Hospital in South Philadelphia (2007 - 2008), the HVAC service contract was held by Herman Goldner Co., Inc., the technicians who came to the site at the time were good mechanics, and we all spoke highly of them and the company. When I was hired by URS, I was glad to see that Pfizer and URS had a contract with Goldner as well.

I will gladly speak to the same respect for your company as I move on to my next site. My grandfather was a Steamfitter and Boiler Operator in New Jersey, for his entire career. Because of his care and value for the trade, I too appreciate this craft and all the skills which it involves.

You are a credit to the Steamfitter/Pipefitter craft. Your knowledge and craftsmanship are the highest I have seen and, it does not go unnoticed.

It was great to have worked with you.

We wanted to make you aware of one more example of the excellent care provided to our community.

Last Sunday, we noticed around 11 p.m. that our apartment was rapidly cooling with temperatures outside in the 20's. At that hour on a Sunday night we were not sure what to do. We called security that responded promptly and agreed the heater was not functioning. A call was made to Goldner and they promised aid by 1:30 a.m. Their man arrived by 12:45 p.m. , diagnosed the problem and secured the necessary part from their on-site supply source. By 2:00 a.m. we were with heat.

You have to be impressed with that kind of service, whether it be maintenance, snow removal or any other need. We hope you can convey our thanks to all appropriate parties.

Trouble started with my air conditioner Friday night that I reported Saturday morning. I was told that there were several problems on site and that time of service was indefinite but that help would be coming. At approximately 7:30PM your man was at the door ready to get to the problem.

Knowing he had a long tough day I suggested that he sit and rest for a few minutes but he declined saying that he had to get me fixed up, which he did, working to 11:00PM. I was so impressed by his attitude, knowledge, neat, steady work, and willingness to answer my few questions that I thought it appropriate that you hear about it. I told him this note would be mailed so please pass along my comments.

P.S. In the late 70's and early 80's I did a lot of business with Jerry Goldner, VP Purchasing and his brother Herman, then President of the Co. I salute you for maintaining the excellent reputation of this 100 plus year old business.

I am the Chair of Finance Council at Old St. Joseph's Church. Your company is performing a review and corrective actions were necessary on the piping and plumbing systems in our church and administrative building which includes a rectory.

My intent in writing you is to complement the work of Robbie and Joey and also their interpersonal skills with customers. They were most courteous - and we have a rather diversified membership from 90 year old Jesuits to homeless folks whom we feed three times a week.

Both of these gentlemen ensured that the daily operations of the Church were respected and ensured that I and others knew what corrective actions were taking place.

You should take considerable pride in your selection process of skilled personnel and the customer training program which must be an integral component of the Goldner service program.

Your company installed a new boiler at our Parish in October, 2011 which we are testing this week.

Brian Murphy has been an excellent relationship manager and is always available to answer any inquiries. Another example of excellent customer relations.

We look forward to a long relationship with Goldner.

Additionally, I would also like to add something about Joe Engart. I truly appreciate the job that he does here for me. Joe as my service technician is what keeps my business with Herman Goldner Co., Inc.

Brian Ciccoli is my very BEST vendor, period!!!

I believe that just about says it best.

I just thought I should forward you this comment about the work that Herman Goldner Co., Inc. performed. Chris Tole should receive 98% of the credit, he jumped and made a very ugly job go very smooth. The job consistent of a very difficult excavation, proper shoring, and installation of the new sanitary piping. WW Contractors and GSA were very impressed with HG and our subcontractor (DePaul Contracting) concerning job and personal safety.

Great Job! Friday we responded to an emergency repair on a 3" Glycol line on the 12th floor. Keith Leonardo and Chris Gazzara handled the emergency. In general, Mike Rooney, Brett Gottlieb and Jason Moser have handled the Chiller PM and service. There have been a few other Goldner fitters also running service calls on other equipment, the most recent WSHP repair was Ed Granko. I would like to thank all our guys for their quality service.

Hi Pat and Julie,
Just want to tell you what great guys these Goldner gentlemen are. My air/heat issue was unique to my own little office and they figured it out with a part unavailable they had one made. Very nice guys indeed!

The organization was in serious jeopardy with our Regulatory Agency over at the Germantown Hospital Crisis Response Center this past week. Without the professional and expedient response form Chris and his team, there could have been serious consequences to the hospital and this Center.

And I know if Tom McGovern was, we would have had the same response.

Just want to pass this note of gratitude and make sure the people at Herman Goldner Co., Inc. know that Einstein appreciates the relationship we have with Herman Goldner Co., Inc.

Good afternoon gentlemen,

The Association received a message from a Mary Dixon via our website. She had some very nice things to say about a service person named Michael who did work on her A/C unit yesterday. I have attached the message below. I contacted her to find out that he is a Goldner employee, and also learned that she lives at White Horse Village in Newtown Square. I thought you all would like to know.

Here is the content of the message:

Hello, I want to commend one of your employees, Michael. I’m sorry I don’t know his last name.
A problem developed late this afternoon, which affected the A/C in the apartment above me and my A/C. Michael dealt with it quickly, professional and courteously. While there was some water involved, Michael ensured that there would not be a mess. The unit is now running perfectly.
My congratulations to your company for its excellent employee selection and training processes.
- Mary Dixon

Have a great weekend!

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